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Web Marketing Services -- We do our best to satisfy whatever you need!

'The Internet is a competitive marketplace. How can you survive if 29 million other stores are selling the same product?'

Yes, we understand you have an excellent product. We understand as well that you do have the virtual presence to provide customers access to your product and service. The question is, "do people know about this?" We know, and we assume you do too, that you are but one of the millions of stores that provide the same product and cater to the same market.

So many business people have lost thousands of dollars because they overlooked web marketing as a valuable investment. Technically great websites and websites from topnotch designers all sit everywhere along the WWW, with no one using them.
...due to two simple mistakes:

1. They did not care to do web marketing.

2. They attempted to do everything and failed to spend enough time and effort that web marketing and store operations separately demand from them.

Ever wonder why giant companies are willing to spend millions to buy some small businesses? This is simply because they know the potential of these websites. It's only a matter of packaging everything the right way and reaching the right people. These big companies are big because they know the value of web marketing.

Let's make things clear and simple.

  • You have two ultimate goals:
    • Get huge amount of traffic into your site, to
    • Obtain huge amount of subscriptions or sales.

The Need for Web Marketing Services:

Obtaining traffic into your website is essential in your success. You would want a high level of visibility and publicity for your website to boost your website traffic. The larger number of website traffic you generate, the higher the sales probability. And better targeted website traffic means more cost-effective results. Customers finding you are most likely to buy from you, and it is far less inexpensive than just you finding your customers. An effective web marketing method that will provide you such traffic is what you need.

We are aware about the concern with your time and money. As much as you would want to handle your store's marketing endeavors, time, human resources and money limits this chance of you doing so. Rather, this magnifies the risks. You would want to concentrate more on running the operations, and invest on web marketing experts to do the nitty-gritty of promoting your website. Effective, yet at a low cost.

You would want every marketing investment to be worth your money. Something that would generate quantifiable results. An effective web marketing system would make it possible for you to track which leads are valuable and converting for your website that you wouldn't have to leave it on guesses.

What We Offer to Help You With Your Goals:

Web Marketing Services :

A five level plan is recommended to promote an online store. Our program will cover key areas of traffic and sales generation that are current best practices on the Internet.


Organic Search (Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine is currently the number 1 way that a web user will find a website. Gaining access to this traffic is possible for any website, if it follows a clear plan for targeting its potential customers. This requires careful analysis of keywords that shoppers will be typing into the Internet.
Out of 29,999,999 results of the search query 'my product', how would you like to be on the top 10 results on the first result page and giving you the visibility you need?

Search Engine Submission

When a site has just been launched, it may be several months before the search engine crawler visits the site. With paid search engine inclusion, the crawlers from MSN, Ask, Altavista, and other top search engines are guaranteed to visit a site weekly, and often more. A site will be indexed for the keywords that it was optimized for, and begin to generate organic search results more quickly.

Pay Per Click Management (Overture and Adwords)

Organic Search Engine listings can be slow to perform. Even when a store has been completely optimized, it may be very difficult to reach a strong placing for competitive keywords. To solve this, top search engines allow small text ads to be placed on a search engine results page. Advertisers are charged based on how often the ad is clicked. PPC is incredibly effective, reliable and cost-efficient.

Creating and Managing an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a natural extension of the linked network of the web. The more inbound links there is to your website, the more your potential customers have access to your website.

The Next Step

In addition to the services described above, we also provide Reciprocal Linking, Community Building and Email Marketing.



All of our services are highly effective at a low cost.
We utilize the same effective principles and practices in the Internet, but there's maximum quality of service at a relatively minimal cost. We emphasize that our goal is to give our clients the best value for their money and an outstanding return of their investment.

We understand the full process of developing a site/store.

We have experience with software development, web design and online business strategy. If you just go to a web marketer, they will often not be sensitive to other requirements of a site. Our Web Marketing Team, and the entire Eversunsoft team on that matter, is smarter to help you in every aspect that your internet business needs.

We know what we are doing and we don't hide anything from you.
Our Web Marketing Team is composed of experts in the field and continues to be more prolific through research. We share our knowledge. We are here for the service. Feel free to read our articles, tutorials, tips and principles on web marketing, all available for FREE.

Learn more about our services and how we can help increase those numbers in traffic and revenue for your website. Please email us at:, let us know your thoughts and needs, and you will receive our Web Marketing Services Price Information. The sooner we plan your goals, the sooner you start reaping conversions.

FREE Web Marketing Articles, Tutorials, Tips and Principles.

Take a look at our complete list of services.

Contact Us

Need help with your application development? Any puzzle about your business solution? Please don't hesitate to consult our Web Marketing solution team, we can offer a free initial consultation for new clients.

Tel: 604-431-9718

For your convenience, you can use our online Request Information Form or Request Rates Form
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