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EversunSoft provides high quality and low cost J2EE Consulting Services

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Our J2EE Services

EversunSoft J2EE consulting service covers the full life cycles of J2EE application and product development, from requirement gathering and analysis, architectural design, implementation and testing, to pre-production performance tuning and deployment.

With numerous project experiences and in-depth knowledge of industry's best practice, we specialize in architectural design using frameworks and components, and provide our own proven software components that greatly speed up implementation and testing.

Architecture & Design

Our seasoned architects and designers blend into project team to architect a sound foundation and to design all necessary components and frameworks in details. We work with clients to tighten up the functional and technical requirements and we produce comprehensive architecture and design artifacts that are ready to be implemented.

We use Rational Rose UML and RUP for the typical J2EE application design.

Solution Development

We work with clients to tighten up project architecture and design, and implement the whole project or any specific design components. To relief clients from design complexity and further speed up project delivery, our Implementation Services can extend upward to cover design given high-level technical and functional requirements, by leveraging our architecture and component design expertise.

Performance Tuning

Our performance tuning service builds on our large-scale pre-production performance-tuning experiences. Combining in-depth knowledge of J2EE application servers, databases, operating systems, networks, and our seasoned skills on performance optimization tools, we help ensure a successful project launch.

What is J2EE in brief

The Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) was designed to simplify complex problems with the development, deployment, and management of multi-tier enterprise solutions. J2EE is an industry standard, and is the result of a large industry initiative led by Sun Microsystems.

Why should you choose J2EE platform for your business solution?

  • J2EE is being marketed by an entire industry; you have the preferences to choose any J2EE application server to run your J2EE application;
  • J2EE is a proven platform, with a few new web services APIs. .NET is a rewrite and introduces risk as with any first-generation technology
  • Existing J2EE code will translate into a J2EE web services system without major rewrites. Not true for Windows DNA code ported to .NET.
  • J2EE is a more advanced programming model, appropriate for well-trained developers who want to build more advanced object models and take advantage of performance features
  • J2EE lets you take advantage of existing hardware you may have. Since J2EE is fully OS independent, you can choose either UNIX or Windows to run your application
  • J2EE gives you platform neutrality, including Windows. You also get good (but not free) portability. This isolates you from heterogeneous deployment environments.
  • J2EE has a better legacy integration story through the Java Connector Architecture (JCA)
  • J2EE lets you use any operating system you prefer, such as Windows, UNIX, or mainframe. Developers can use the environment they are most productive in.
  • J2EE lets you use Java, which is better than C# due to market-share and maturity. According to Gartner, there are 2.5 million Java developers. IDC predicts this will grow to 4 million by 2003. 78% universities teach Java, and 50% of universities require Java.
  • We would not want to use any language other than C# or Java for development of new mission-critical solutions, such as a hacked object-oriented version of C, VB, or COBOL.
  • We are finding most ISVs and consulting companies going with J2EE because they cannot control their customers' target platforms. We believe this application availability will result in J2EE beginning to dominate more and more as time goes on.
  • Utilize of variety of Open source platform, framework, IDE for your J2EE solution, save your cost of development and runtime environment. Our specialties are Redhat Linux(OS) + JBoss (Application server) + MySql (DB) + Eclipse (IDE)

Our Technologies

We use variety of technologies to facilitate and best meet the requirement for our clients, with the high quality and low cost.


  • Redhat Linux
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

Application Server

  • JBoss application server
  • Web Sphere Application server
  • Web logic Application server
  • Tomcat

Framework, Library, Tool

  • Struts
  • Log4J
  • Ant CVS


  • Eclipse
  • WSAD
  • JBuilder
  • JDeveloper


  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL


  • Extreme programming
  • RUP
  • Agile

Our clients

J2EE application design and development our consultants particated

J2EE research

  J2EE technology trends research Hitachi Japan

Contact Us

Need help with your application development? Any puzzle about your business solution? Please don't hesitate to consult our J2EE solution team, we can offer a free initial consultation for new clients.

Tel: 604-431-9718

For your convenience, you can use our online Request Information Form or Request Rates Form
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