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Small Business Partnerships

Eversun Software is making special effort to partner with small business and independent consultants. Our goal is to produce the same benefits of offshore software development for small businesses, that large corporations enjoy. Under this plan, we will help you to leverage your knowledge and relationships with an army of high quality, skilled technology workers.

Feel comfortable stretching the wings of your group to take on larger, more complicated projects. Rest assured that we can provide you with the resources to complete the technology project with high quality and at a price that lets your run your business competitively.

What we can do

We will work with you to understand exactly how Eversun Software can become involved with your next project. There are numerous examples of how we can help. Most simply, we can organize a team of developers with the specific product or technology knowledge that you need. We can manage the team of offshore developers for you, to provide for the smoothest possible experience as possible. At your discretion, we can also interface with your clients to provide additional assistance in the requirements gathering and design phases of your project.

Eversun simplifies the offshore development process. We have an established provider network, and can quickly identify the one that matches your needs most closely. We understand the legal process of dealing with an offshore provider, freeing you from the time and expense of this. Finally, we have developed a consistent methodology for developing technical projects with our providers. Your only concern is pleasing your client. We'll take care of the rest!

Lead referral program

In addition to the extra talent at your finger tips, make sure to take advantage of the Eversun Software lead referral program.


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