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Lead Referral Terms&Conditions
Relationship Terms

1.       The offer specified in this document is only valid for those participants agreeing to the terms and conditions specified herein.

2.       Neither of us is a legal representitive or agent of the other. Under no circumstances is your relationship with Eversun Software considered that of an employee or agent. You agree not to assume or create any obligations on our behalf, and you do not have the right to make agreements on behalf of Eversun Software.

3.       You shall indemnify Eversun Software and its employees, officers, agents, subsidiaries, and affiliates harmless from any claim or loss, and any cost associated therewith (including, but not limited to , attorneys' fees), arising from any claim with respect to your activity and participation with Eversun Software. Furthermore, under no circumstances shall Eversun Software be liable to you for damages, including, but not limited to consequential damages (including lost profit or savings) and incidental damages, as a result of your involvement with Eversun Software.

4.       You agree that your involvement with Eversun Software shall not violate the terms of any agreement that you are party to with a third party or to any employer.

5.       You are prohibited from using any trademarks, trade names, or other designations of Eversun Software

6.       In order to maintain flexibility in our relationship, we may change the terms of this Agreement by giving you one month written notice.

7.       We reserve the right to terminate this agreement iwth you in the event that Eversun Software, in its sole opinion deem that your conduct adversely affects our reputation or goodwill. In any event, either party shall have the right to terminate this agreement upon thirty (30) days notice to the other party.

8.       In the event that any provision of this agreement is found to be invalid or illegal, that provision shall be deemed to be omitted from this agreement

Policy Terms

1.       To qualify for the lead policy, the lead must not be one that Eversun Software already has on file and is actively pursuing

2.       All positions will be filled by quality candidates provided by Eversun Software or, other consulting firms pursuant to agreements with those firms and Eversun Software.

3.       All fees paid under the Eversun Software referral policy shall be considered earned and paid within 30 days of receipt of fees due Eversun Software from the client

4.       All referrals in the lead referral policies will be confirmed in writing by Eversun Software. Referrals not confirmed by Eversun Software will not be honored.

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