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Lead Referral Program

To participate in our lead referral policy, all you have to do is let us know about a potential consulting service, e-business solution, or software need. Spend just a few minutes to provide us with the company name, company contact, and telephone number.

Our professional sales executives will qualify the lead, and understand what services we can provide.

If we close the lead which you provided to Eversun Software, you will start receiving five to ten percent (5-10%) of the gross monthly billing associated with the contract. This referral fee will be paid to you for as long as the contract continues. The percentage is based on how much you’ll be involved in getting the

For Example

Provide us with a lead which we close. Eversun Software places three technical resources on a 6 month contract billing, each billing at an hourly rate of $35. Here's what you would receive minimum:

$35 x 1000 hours x 3 consultants x 5% of gross billing = $5,250

More Information

Please examine the faq and terms and conditions for more information. The lead referral program is also part of our small business partnership program.

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Make a referral

Simply fill below form or call us at our closest office, we’ll have an experienced consultant contact you as soon as possible.  Note: (*) marked fields can not be empty. (below is just a prototype for your reference, please make html form on your own, write PHP code if necessary, send the input information to email: )

Your Information Name(*) (texfield)
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Notes (texfield)
Lead Information Name(*) (texfield)
Title(*) (texfield)
Email(*) (texfield)
Phone (texfield)
Company Name (texfield)
Company Website (texfield)
Preferred Information Technologies (use radio buttons as below)
1. J2EE  2. .Net  3. C++ 4. VB  5. PHP 6. ASP 7. No preference 8. Other(please input into below text box) (text field)
Estimated project size (people x days) Textfield
Project description (*) Textfield
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