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Website Usability and Web Copywriting (Outline):


The following are especially important for ecommerce websites.

9. Call to Action

If you're selling a service or a product, don't focus too much on the product. Rather focus on the need. Don't make your copy sound too much about you and your product and how great your product is. For any given solution, there should be a problem first. Get them to believe that you know their problem and you know the solution. This way, they get to understand about the problem, that they have the same problem, and that there is an effective solution for this. And your product can solve this problem for them once they buy the product.

Let's say you're offering Off Shore Outsourcing Services. Aside from bragging how skilled and proficient your programmers are, you point out the current problems a small sized company currently has. You mention the lack of human resources, the costs involved with hiring inhouse people to do the work, and the difficulty of finding the perfect people in the country for the job. Then you start talking about how you can solve these problems. Not only does the client start to relate with the situation, but consider your service as a possible solution.

10. Clear Contact Information

Self explanatory, although this is very important to make sure that your potential and current clients are able to reach you. They should know where to reach you for questions, comments, feedback, inquiry, and best of all, for purchase.

Some webmasters make the mistake of having the contact information link difficult to find, of just displaying a single email information. First of all, make the contact information highly visible and accessible. There's nothing wrong in making the contact information visible in every page, as part of the footer. Second, do not hesitate in giving your complete contact information. Other than your email address, include the address of your company, and the telephone number where they can call you. This can give them the impression that they can count on you for support.

11. Keep Them Interested

Keep your visitors interested. If possible, give them something to look forward to.

An example would be newsletters. What some companies and website do is write newsletters, keeping their customers updated for new promos, with announcements on the latest news about the product. Customers appreciate this, and this gives them reason to check out the new stuff you mentioned in the newsletter.

Another way is giving out free stuff, like free downloadable tools or wallpapers. Also, some websites write articles related to their services and people get to read these for free. Not only does this educate and entertain the readers, but also reinforce the credibility of the company.

12. Landing Pages

One of the biggest mistakes of webmasters is that they take landing pages for granted. They are not aware that choosing the right landing pages for websites who make use of Pay-per-click* services and reciprocal link exchange can make a huge difference. Once again, it is important to point out that internet users want to get what they want with as minimal difficulty and as quick as possible. That is why it is important that you take the user to where he wants to be.

If the user wants mia hamm jersey, and the ad or the link indicates that it should take him to a relevant mia hamm jersey content, then the landing page should be exactly the page for the product. Don't take the user to a page where he needs to click 2 or 3 more times and find his way to what he is looking for. Web users are not as patient as you hope them to be.

Having broken links is a mortal sin. As for items that are sold out, be sure to make the changes to your links accordingly. Or make sure to provide the necessary information in the landing page. Indicate that the item is temporarily out of stock, or a text telling the user to check out other items closely related to the product. Keep in mind that it is important to make things clear for the user.

* Pay-per-Click, as the term implies, is a Search Engine advertising method where the advertiser pays by click and not by impression of the ads. To learn more about managing Pay-per-Click, read Tips for a Cost Effective PPC Campaign.

Hopefully these guidelines would help you improve you Copywriting skills and increase your Website Usability. Remember, the amount of traffic you get from Search Engines and other marketing efforts is only as valuable as the number that produces positive response. So always give your visitors a satisfying web experience in your website to get your rewards.

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