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Additional Tips for Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Optimization and Positioning (Outline):

I decided to separate this set of tips since the guidelines above are designed for the visible written content of the webpage. These additional tips are beyond what is written and what is visible.

Avoid using keywords that are not relevant to the scope of your webpage content.

Again, Search Engines are much wiser about this. This would be considered spamming and will only result to getting penalized and losing a possible top search engine position. This is self explanatory but for the sake of those who keep forgetting, it needs to be emphasized.

There should be a different set of keywords for a different webpage.

Another common misconception is that the same set of keywords applies to all of your webpages. They include these keywords in headers and meta tags of the source code for the entire site. While this is acceptable, it doesn't help much in fully optimizing your webpages for search engines.

If you're company covers services like PHP Consulting, Web Design, Website Maintenance, Database Development and Ecommerce Site Development, they all demand different and separate set of keywords. Each has their own page and should contain detailed content with its own set of targeted keywords. Because most users who search for PHP consulting don't need Web Design services, you need to cater to each need separately.

Avoid Frames and use javascripts and flash in moderation.

While this may help aesthetically, it doesn't do well for optimization. Frames make it impossible for spiders to index the pages. And spiders cannot read javascripts and flash.

Get a lot of quality inbound links and get a high Page Rank.

Having a lot of inbound links from other websites doesn't only give you more sources of traffic, but also pushes you up in the SERPs. In Google, Page Rank (PR) is a really big factor in getting top search engine positions. The higher the Page Rank, the better chances of a higher position in the SERPs. Inbound links are links from other websites (outside your website) to your website. In essence, google treats each inbound link as a vote to your Page Rank. The higher the number of votes, the higher you get in the positioning for your keywords.

The quality of the referring website however is also taken into consideration. If the content of the referring website has relevant content and a high Page Rank, then your website gets rewarded with a good vote for a higher Page Rank.

How do you get inbound links for your website? One way is Reciprocal Link Trading. It is a deal between you and another webmaster to place a link in their website that points to your website. And as a return, you do the same for him or her, without a fee.

Reciprocal Link Trading and Page Rank are beyond the scope of this article and will be discussed in their own time.

Bonus Tip

Google explains more about Page Rank in their website. Google Toolbar shows you the Page Rank of a website, along with other features. You can download it from their website.

These are very simple guidelines to consider but will greatly help you in getting good results on the SERPs and reaching you target audience.

Next week, we'll be discussing the second part of writing for the web. It's all about Guidelines for Website Usability for your target audience.

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