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Our Mission

Business Enabling
The mission of Eversun Software Corporation is to enable businesses to create the useful and high quality software that they need. Building and maintaining high quality software is one of the most important and complicated tasks facing businesses today. With good solutions, even small companies can compete with established organizations on an even playing field. Slow, buggy, or poorly designed solutions will bring an otherwise efficient team to a screeching halt. Business enabling for us means developing solutions that enable your business to work efficiently and profitably. By outsourcing your custom software development to Eversunsoft, we not only enable your business, we help make them sucessfull.

Eversunsoft provides Custom Software Development, outsourced software development, J2EE consulting, .Net consulting, PHP Web development, Offshore outsourcing software as well as web development. We offer top quality, affordable IT solutions to businesses and organizations. With our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, analysts and designers, our commitment can be more realized. This means that client satisfaction is met and exceed more than what is required to do so. Utilizing concepts of efficiency, quality, reliability and dependability, we enable Business to work.

The Keys To Our Success

High quality, low cost software development
By offering the highest possible quality with low cost development, we have carved a niche in the software development and IT consulting world.

Choosing the right provider for your custom software needs can be very difficult. The Internet boom has resulted in a wide variety of service providers all eager to take on your next project. Eversun Software sets itself apart for 3 key reasons:

  • Agile Methodologies
  • Outsourcing
  • Offshore Development

    Software engineering has suffered from quality issues for many years. Because of these concerns, and the resulting high cost, many companies do not even consider taking on sorely needed projects. Eversun's approach to this is to employ lightweight development methodologies, that have proven to result in higher quality software, and predictable releases. Among the adaptive techniques that we employ are Extreme Programming (XP), and Scrum.

    Eversun addresses many of the leading concerns of companies seeking to outsource software development. Our vast network of developers allows us to address even the most grandiose and complicated needs. We are able to scale the size of projects when the need arises. Development happens rapidly, with regular feedback.

    Finally, Eversun makes an effort to do as much custom development work at one of our offshore development locations. Our offshore locations take a great deal of pride in producing the highest of quality software. In fact, we aim to meet the highest quality standards that are currently recommended by SEIs Capability Maturity Model for Software (SW-CMM). However, in doing this, we address the single biggest cost factor of software development projects; cost of human resources.

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